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Book Review: Spanish Surrender by Rachel Spangler

You aren’t going to believe this but… I cannot get through this new Rachel Spangler book. It is a snooze fest. I am 30% through and literally nothing has happened except the butch tour guide giving a history of Spain. I don’t even like either

Book Review: Trails Merge by Rachel Spangler

Since this book was published ten years ago, it qualifies for Fallback Friday, right? Campbell is a soft butch who had to choose between her first love or her family as a result of an ultimatum. She chose home on the mountain where her family

Book Review: Full English by Rachel Spangler

The author used the word ‘Maudlin’ a few times within this book and I’d have to say that is the key descriptor. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great book. I loved it. But wow it was frustrating to read at times. Both main