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Book Review: A Town Called Noelle by MK Hardy

Lights out. Brooke has to visit the town she fled years ago to take care of some loose ends as a result of her estranged mother’s death. She was left with some property that she is eager to get rid of. But there is a

Book Review: Grimmer Intentions by Jodi Hutchins

Halflings Beware. In The Grim Assistant, we were introduced to Sam. A young mail person. She had a nephew, a sister, and a crush on Lauren, a woman on her daily route. She runs into some trouble surfing. That trouble was named ‘Margo,’ a Grim

Book Review: Sophomore Surge by K.R. Collins

Sophomore slump. The first book in this series surprised me in the best way. We got to know Sophie Fournier and take a journey with her as she experienced her first year in the NAHL. She had to overcome all of the obstacles that come

Book Review: Never Knew Until You by L.E. Royal

Intense. What do you do after your wife of 14 years leaves you for the young woman she cheated on you with? Find a service to connect you with a hot young Latina woman to show you the wonderful world of submission. Reasonable. I would

Book Review: The Grim Assistant by Jodi Hutchins

Crossing over. Sam is a surfing mail carrier who has a crush on a customer on her route, Lauren. Lauren is a school teacher who is having some issues with her live-in girlfriend, Bethany. When Sam encounters rough waters while surfing alone one morning, her

Book Review: In the Palm by Elna Holst

Castaway with a companion and better ending. You know it promises to be a good book when the first sentence is “I AM DRUNK and about to chop my hand off.” A woman has awoken on an island but has no memory of what happened

Book Review: Gotta Catch Her by Kelly Haworth

An interesting concept for story. Ann has a corporate job and is struggling with a client audit. In her free time, she plays a game called Ani-min, that takes you out to places to find objects and have battles. Rachael is a flustered single mom

Book Review: Breaking The Ice by K.R. Collins

I can’t imagine a better review than saying that I am now interested in hockey? I’m going to have to find some games to watch.  Sophie is a top notch female hockey player that has entered the NAHL draft. She is so good that she

Book Review: The Island Angel by Alex Slorra

It was hard for me to get into this book at first. It was difficult for me to follow for some reason. But after the first chapter, it found a rhythm. Jessica is a corporate tech leader who finds herself at the center of a