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2019 Books: Lesbian Fiction Year In Review

According to goodreads, I read about 200 books this year. I thoroughly enjoyed most of them. There were some good surprises and a few disappointments. Overall, I’m just so pleased with how many high quality lesbian fiction books are being published these days. Having said

Book Review: If The Shoe Fits by E.J. Noyes

Jana is a family law attorney and the sister of Sabine, from the ‘Ask, Tell’ series. She is a serial dater, fears commitment, and is picky beyond reason. One fateful morning, on her way to important court appearance, she runs into Brooke, who works in

Book Review: Alone by E.J. Noyes

Noyes creates a captivating story that focuses on physical and emotional loneliness. Celeste answers an advertisement that leads her to live in a habitat without physical or audible human contact for 3/4 years. She is deep into her routines when an unexpected visitor arrives just

Book Review: Ask Me Again by E.J. Noyes

‘Ask Me Again’ is a deeply moving continuation of ‘Ask, Tell.’  It felt as if I was a spectator (or fly on the wall) throughout this entire story. And it was uncomfortable. I imagine Noyes did PTSD justice. It was horrifying to watch Sabine struggle