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Book Review: Leading The Witness by Carsen Taite

When a predator returns. Catherine Landauer is a local attorney who keeps to herself. Starr Rio is a star prosecutor who has plans to become the next District Attorney. The two women face off right from the start while negotiating a deal that would give

Book Review: Practice Makes Perfect by Carsen Taite

A breezy legal romance. Campbell has had enough of working for her jerk boss. At a reunion, she proposes that her law school besties join her in venturing off on their own to create their own law practice. They need to drum up new business

Book Review: Pursuit Of Happiness by Carsen Taite

I couldn’t get enough of this book.  Meredith is a Senator. Stevie is a Public Defender. Their paths cross when Meredith has to question Stevie in regards to a minimum sentencing rule. Stevie wants more time to persuade the Senator in her favor so invites