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Book Review: Top of Her Game by M . Ullrich

Kenzie is picked up by the NJ Hurricanes soccer team. Her long time super crush, Sutton Flores, is on the team. She is afraid she is going to make a fool out of herself. And she does. Sutton is a seasoned star soccer player. She

Book Review: Leading The Witness by Carsen Taite

When a predator returns. Catherine Landauer is a local attorney who keeps to herself. Starr Rio is a star prosecutor who has plans to become the next District Attorney. The two women face off right from the start while negotiating a deal that would give

Book Review: One Walk In Winter by Georgia Beers

A sweet story to pair with the holidays. Olivia works at the Evergreen resort. She should have been the next in line to become manager but she was passed up for someone new. On a snowy walk one morning, she meets a charming woman taking

Book Review: 30 Dates in 30 days by Elle Spencer

Veronica is a New York lawyer on the precipice of becoming partner at her firm. Her assistant, Bea, sneakily sets her up on a date each night until Veronica finds ‘the one.’ This is all the result of a drunken night where Veronica uncharacteristically spilled

Book Review: Legacy by Charlotte Greene

Charlotte Greene gave us ‘Gnarled Harlow’ last year and it immediately went to my favorites list. ‘Legacy’ follows the same eerie footsteps as the Lemke family and friends encounter frighteningly strange things in and around their family cabin. While this one doesn’t share space with