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Book Review: The Way Home by Lily Hammond

More than a love story A doctor relocates to a small town to take over a clinic who’s previous Dr has gone off to war. She meets an outcast woman who has some things to hide. There was a lot more to this story than

Book Review: As The Crow Flies by Karen F Williams

Long and satisfying A writer with a pet crow meets a former professor and her niece when trying to find a match to a bookend she purchased at a garage sale. Strange things occur on the property that will change everything. This was satisfyingly long.

Book Review: Welcome to Ruby’s by KC Luck

Top shelf Allie and her friends are regulars at a local bar called ‘The Ruby Slipper.’ All is well until the establishment is purchased by a beautiful ice queen from LA. Her plans to remodel their second home sets the theme of this story. The

Book Review: Sunscreen & Coconuts by Eliza Lentzski

Mercy Lewis, a 1st grade teacher, is convinced to take a vacation with her friend, Racy. She has some trouble letting herself go until she meets a local woman that scooters her outside the comforts of an all-inclusive resort. Overall, it was well written and

Book Review: Girls Of Paper And Fire by Natasha Ngan

There are three types of people in this world. Paper Caste (Human). Steel Caste. (Half Human | Half Demon. Moon Caste (Demon). Everyone has their rightful place as a result of the ruling of the Demon King. Lei is a paper caste that finds herself

Book Review: Collide-O-Scope by Andrea Bramhall

I can’t think of anything I disliked about this book. It kept me engaged and trying to solve the mystery on my own while the facts were gradually uncovered.  A detective is assigned to a suspicious murder. There are lots of potential suspects in the