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Category Archives: 4 Star

Book Review: Lucky by Kris Bryant

Serena has had a rough life. She had to practically raise her little sister, Faith, because her mother was busy being an alcoholic. A spur of the moment decision to buy a lottery ticket and her luck changes instantly. As the newest lottery winner in

Review: The Road Home by Erin Zak

Emotional. Gwen up and left everything to pursue an acting career in California. And to be far away from her homophobic mother. Gwen reluctantly agrees to travel home for her father’s birthday party, only to discover that her mother is sick. There, she meets Lila,

Book Review: Waiting For You by Elle Spencer

Living in the past. Lindsay is a recently divorced artist and mother. She sells her work through a gallery her best friend, Patty, owns and operates in town. They have lived in their small town their whole lives. And that whole time, Lindsay has been

Book Review: Undercover Justice by Carolyn McBride

A stranger in town. Lita is summoned to quickly attend to an ill stranger that has incoherently trotted into town. While providing care, Lita comes to find that her patient isn’t as appears on the surface. As Hart regains strength, it has become apparent that

Book Review: A Roll In The Hay by Lola Keeley

Ladies and Veterinarians. Tess co-owned a veterinary practice in London until things went south with the girlfriend. She moves out to the country to work with best friends where she can do what she has always wanted to do: work with big animals on farms.

Book Review: Flavor Of The Month by Georgia Beers

Sloppy Seconds. Charlie was in college and drifting apart from her long term girlfriend, Emma. They had been best friends as kids and their first everything together. But the distance was damaging and Charlie found herself infatuated with Darcy. A business woman who occasionally spoke

Book Review: Other Girls by Avery Brooks

When your bully comes calling. Sam is a single mother in New Orleans. A marketing professional just trying to get by. Her simple life is thrown into turmoil when her high school bully, Ashley, comes back to town unexpectedly. I really enjoyed this book. There

Book Review: Does She Love You? by Rachel Spangler

Holy infidelity. There is this woman who has a wife but she ends up falling for another woman on a business trip. Then she thinks she should string them both along because it is the best for all of them if none of them get

Book Review: Out of Practice by Carsen Taite

Never the bride… Abby flies off to her vacation destination completely prepared to relax and enjoy her time of seclusion from others. But when Roxanne falls into her lap, her personal itinerary falls by the wayside. Their no-strings/no personal information fling becomes more than they

Book Review: In The Shadow Of Darkness by Nicole Stiling

Blood Disease. It’s 1926. Angeline is walking home from work and meets Kathryn, a beautiful red headed predator who attacks. Fast forward to present day and Meghan finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time at the local Gas ‘N’ Eats. She wakes