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Category Archives: 3 Star

Book Review: Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie

The first half of this book was very good. It even invoked a nice tear fest. Val works in a library. Because of her experience as a foster kid, she decides that she would like to begin fostering children. During the weeks of training, she

Book Review: Answering The Call by Ali Vali

I couldn’t finish this. I tried and tried but gave up around the 40% mark.  I think this works as a standalone even though it is a series. The author explains important things from the past that are integral to the plot of this one 

Book Review: The Moments by Nicole Plyand

Two paths This was a creative concept for a story. You always wonder how life would be different if you made that one different decision. That is what this book is all about. There are two paths. And you definitely read both. One after the

Book Review: Never The Bride by Natasha West

Too many weddings The concept of the story wasn’t bad and I was entertained. This felt like a rom com movie of sorts. I got a little bored with the constant wedding backdrop. I know that was the whole point, but it just fell a