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Category Archives: 3 Star

Book Review: Under The Harvest Moon by Robin Hale

I was really excited to read this because this author’s book ‘Silhouette’ is one of my favorites. ‘Under the Harvest Moon’ is an interesting journey into the magical world of star borns (witches, shape shifters, vampires, etc.) Laurel is a Nebraska girl (GO BIG RED)

Book Review: Top of Her Game by M . Ullrich

Kenzie is picked up by the NJ Hurricanes soccer team. Her long time super crush, Sutton Flores, is on the team. She is afraid she is going to make a fool out of herself. And she does. Sutton is a seasoned star soccer player. She

Book Review: The Fall by Robin Alexander

I listened to the audio version of this. I did not enjoy the narration. The eighteen-ish-year-old girls sounded like they were 14. I did like the voice of the mother, Inez. That was it. I may have liked and rated this higher had I read

Book Review: Perspective by Monica McCallan

McCallan is reliable. You know what you can expect from her books. Great snarky dialogue and mega attractive leads. There is no doubt about her ability to deliver on those things. Here is an awesome example of the type of great dialogue McCallan offers: ‘Sloan

Book Review: Living by Lise Gold

Surviving. I really liked the premise of this book. Ella is a famous actress who is beyond distraught and can no longer live with the pain of having lost her twin sister. On their birthday, she decided she is going to end her life by