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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Book Review: Lucky by Kris Bryant

Serena has had a rough life. She had to practically raise her little sister, Faith, because her mother was busy being an alcoholic. A spur of the moment decision to buy a lottery ticket and her luck changes instantly. As the newest lottery winner in

Book Review: Begin Again by Kat Jackson

Emily has been living with Lauren for 5 years and things have not been going well between them. Lauren hasn’t been sleeping in their bed and has been generally standoffish. Emily doesn’t know what is wrong, and to make matters worse, Lauren doesn’t like to

Book Review: Reaping the Benefits by E.J. Noyes

Paperwork of death. Morgan is successfully running a business and in competition with another fierce employee to get an award. When the dorky hot IT woman, Jane, becomes her client and refuses to fill out important paperwork, it puts the award in jeopardy for Morgan.

Review: The Road Home by Erin Zak

Emotional. Gwen up and left everything to pursue an acting career in California. And to be far away from her homophobic mother. Gwen reluctantly agrees to travel home for her father’s birthday party, only to discover that her mother is sick. There, she meets Lila,