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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Book Review: One Walk In Winter by Georgia Beers

A sweet story to pair with the holidays. Olivia works at the Evergreen resort. She should have been the next in line to become manager but she was passed up for someone new. On a snowy walk one morning, she meets a charming woman taking

Book Review: 30 Dates in 30 days by Elle Spencer

Veronica is a New York lawyer on the precipice of becoming partner at her firm. Her assistant, Bea, sneakily sets her up on a date each night until Veronica finds ‘the one.’ This is all the result of a drunken night where Veronica uncharacteristically spilled

Book Review: The Fall by Robin Alexander

I listened to the audio version of this. I did not enjoy the narration. The eighteen-ish-year-old girls sounded like they were 14. I did like the voice of the mother, Inez. That was it. I may have liked and rated this higher had I read

Book Review: Burn it Down by K. Aten

Ashley Hayes is a firefighter who is forced to see a therapist before returning back to work after a significant fire claimed the life of her best friend, Derek. This tells the story of Ash’s terrible childhood through memories brought to the surface by some

Book Review: Girls Who Pray by Evelyn Dar

Come on, Evelyn Dar. Where in the world did this come from?! I loved, Loved, LOVED this book! 5 Stars. Favorites shelf. Period. Claire is being sued by the Amish for a non-fiction book release of her relationship with a woman during her time in

Book Review: Perspective by Monica McCallan

McCallan is reliable. You know what you can expect from her books. Great snarky dialogue and mega attractive leads. There is no doubt about her ability to deliver on those things. Here is an awesome example of the type of great dialogue McCallan offers: ‘Sloan

Book Review: After The Summer Rain by Gerri Hill

Erin is a workaholic. She is practically killing herself after throwing herself into her work to avoid the aftermath of a bad breakup. Her family creates and ‘intervention’ and sends her to cleanse her soul for 3 months. The place her sister booked is a

Book Review: Red by Andi Marquette

This was surprisingly good despite the length. It was REALLY short. Rebecca is an ex wolf hunter. She is involved with a woman/wolf that has apparently been hiding out and taking potion to prevent her from turning because it is unsafe. But this is making

Book Review: The X Ingredient by Robyn Sinclair

X marks the g spot. I went into this knowing from other reviews that this was more of an erotic romance. I suppose I should have realized that as the cover has a nice looking pair of legs with some panties on the floor. I’m