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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Book Review: The Grim Assistant by Jodi Hutchins

Crossing over. Sam is a surfing mail carrier who has a crush on a customer on her route, Lauren. Lauren is a school teacher who is having some issues with her live-in girlfriend, Bethany. When Sam encounters rough waters while surfing alone one morning, her

Book Review: Summer Desires by Emily King

Summer Fizzle Sarah is a teacher that has moved from Iowa to South Beach Coast to be near the ocean. While volunteering on beach cleanup day, she gets scolded by a hot lifeguard when her friend starts poking around at a dead sting ray. Amy

Book Review: The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews

Matthew’s first book “Hooked on You” inspired me to learn to crochet. This one, unfortunately, did not cause the same type of excitement for gardening.  I really appreciate Matthew’s writing style. I like to think of it as a slow meandering cadence. Perfect for when

Book Review: Cute Socks by Cammie Conte

Laundry is going to be really easy at the end of the week. You all made me listen to this. And you told me that I had to listen instead of read. You were right. The narrator was good for this. That little naughty but

Book Review: Beautiful Accidents by Erin Zak

It’s in the cards. Stevie is an improv player in Chicago that has just auditioned for Saturday Night Live and is impatiently waiting to hear back. She begrudgingly tags along when the other players in her troupe when they decide to go get a reading

Book Review: Never Just Friends by Lily Craig

The narrator for this one… wow. I don’t think I can even put into words what she sounded like. A game show host announcing something? It really wasn’t awesome for me. The story didn’t offer up anything unique that would really overcome the narration. So

Book Review: Paper Love by Jae

So I have decided that I like Abby Craden’s narration of books. I think I will just have to lean on listening to hers going forward for good audio book experiences.