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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Book Review: LA Metro by R.J. Nolan

Another audio book. This one annoyed me less than all of the others I have listened to so far. This narrator actually did accurate tone and inflection. So THAT was a plus! I’m still not sold on listening to one person do voices. That is

Book Review: Strawberry Summer by Melissa Brayden

I am really not liking audio books. I keep trying. And I keep getting annoyed at the odd voices and incorrect tone. In this one, Courtney sounded like a butch pothead. Maggie sounded like a flighty blonde. And there is nothing sexy about any of

Book Review: Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh

Puppy love! Alana ‘fudges’ her resume to get hired on as an activity planner for a yet-to-be-opened hotel in Yakima. Now she is expected to hop on a horse and do trail rides with guests. Only problem is that she has never been on a