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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Book Review: LA Metro by R.J. Nolan

Another audio book. This one annoyed me less than all of the others I have listened to so far. This narrator actually did accurate tone and inflection. So THAT was a plus! I’m still not sold on listening to one person do voices. That is

Book Review: Strawberry Summer by Melissa Brayden

I am really not liking audio books. I keep trying. And I keep getting annoyed at the odd voices and incorrect tone. In this one, Courtney sounded like a butch pothead. Maggie sounded like a flighty blonde. And there is nothing sexy about any of

Book Review: Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh

Puppy love! Alana ‘fudges’ her resume to get hired on as an activity planner for a yet-to-be-opened hotel in Yakima. Now she is expected to hop on a horse and do trail rides with guests. Only problem is that she has never been on a

Book Review: Spanish Surrender by Rachel Spangler

You aren’t going to believe this but… I cannot get through this new Rachel Spangler book. It is a snooze fest. I am 30% through and literally nothing has happened except the butch tour guide giving a history of Spain. I don’t even like either

Book Review: Conscious Bias by Monica Spade

Legal drama. Monica Spade is a closeted lawyer in Wisconsin. She represents the local hospital. They have some crazy issues that require her legal expertise and representation. To relieve stress and try to shed some extra pounds, she starts a cross fit class and meets,

Book Review: Where The Lies Hide by Renee Rowan

The lies were so well hidden, I didn’t even recognize them. Cam is a Private Investigator with a troubled childhood. Sarah is a Welder and Artist who finds out she has a twin brother upon her mother’s recent death. Sarah hires Cam to find the

Book Review: Chasing Sunset by Missouri Vaun

The road less traveled. Finn is a car service driver in Georgia. Iris is an actress visiting Georgia to audition for lead in an upcoming series. They end up meeting, spending some time together, and then deciding to drive across country to California where Iris

Book Review: Incognito by VK Powell

Deceit leaves scars. Evan is in charge of a team of US Marshalls. They recently had a botched mission and now Evan is afraid to do the field work needed to capture the fugitives that got away. And it is personal. Frankie is an undercover