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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Book Review: Always A Love Song by Charley Clarke

An emotional journey of trying to recapture a lost love.  Bridgette left her girlfriend, Alex, 5 years ago to move to New York and pursue her musical aspirations. Time has been good to both of them. Bridgette found the success she was looking for and

Book Review: Djara by Kat Evans

Read for the second time. The day after I read it the first time. Why? Because I love this. And I had to read to my wife. I think I liked it more the second time, too. Guh. Why is this so good? Why is

Book Review: Love Unscripted by Emma Collins

A heartwarming age gap romance Riley is a closeted lesbian actress that has dreams of being a screenwriter. She has trouble coming up with a fresh idea, so she decides to practice by adapting a favorite book. Once written, it is good enough to run