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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Book Review: Out of Order by Lynn Galli

A judge and fixer walk into a room… No complaints with this short romance. Lindsay is a fixer for the local Mayor. Suzanne is the new judge in town. They begin a relationship that is challenged with inside corruption and unexpected work changes.

Book Review: Darkness United by K.C. Luck

A long finale I genuinely loved books 1 and 2 of this series. Book 3 was really hard for me to get through. It felt too long. And by this point, there were already too many characters to be vested in. The addition of more

Book Review: Trails Merge by Rachel Spangler

Since this book was published ten years ago, it qualifies for Fallback Friday, right? Campbell is a soft butch who had to choose between her first love or her family as a result of an ultimatum. She chose home on the mountain where her family

Book Review: Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey

An appetizing romance.  Drew is a biracial hot shot chef from the City. She takes a job as head chef in upstate New York to speed up the timeline for becoming a head chef in Manhattan. She’s not excited about country living but it’s a

Book Review: Pretending In Paradise by M Ullrich

No pretending to love this book! Emma is a travel reviewer who puts her company at risk after having relations with someone from a resort she recently evaluated. Caroline is a public relations person hired to help clean up the company image. Emma needs to

Book Review: Love On Lavender Lane by Karis Walsh

This is an enjoyably sweet love story.  Paige is a self employed consultant that evaluates struggling corporate businesses to provide proposals that should repair and cultivate future success. One client commissions her to evaluate his daughter Kassidy’s farm with the intention of getting her to

Book Review: A Curious Woman by Jess Lea

A murder mystery that keeps you guessing. I truly did not guess the culprit  Bess lives in a tiny home with her chickens. She works at an odd ball museum until something terrible happens resulting in her and a rival museum operator become suspects.

Book Review: Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker

Another good book for Fallback Friday. This one says it was published in 1996. One year after I graduated from high school. I can’t remember there being tons of lesbian fiction back then. Or perhaps I was just so baby gay that I didn’t know