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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Book Review: Year Of The Kiss by Giselle Fox

Kissy Cake This was an adorable, New Years themed, short story. Even though the length was small, it still had the feel of a full length book. The characters had suprising depth. And it was packed full of things. Kilts, family, whiskey, unemployment, workplace harassment,

Book Review: Without Pretense by T.J. Thomas

I really don’t like giving negative reviews, but it was honestly difficult for me to get through this book.  Ava, a famous violinist, meets Bianca on a bench. After a time gap they reunite and find they will be spending a lot of time together

Book Review: The Sting Of Victory by SD Simper

Second read Seriously. If you haven’t read this, you need to.  How can something so wrong feel so right?  The characters are so unique and lovable. Flowridia and her shy but not innocent ways. Etolie and her drunken humor. Thalmus and his giant protectiveness. Ayla

Book Review: Ask Me Again by E.J. Noyes

‘Ask Me Again’ is a deeply moving continuation of ‘Ask, Tell.’  It felt as if I was a spectator (or fly on the wall) throughout this entire story. And it was uncomfortable. I imagine Noyes did PTSD justice. It was horrifying to watch Sabine struggle