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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Book Review: Payback by Charlotte Mills

This was a solid whodunit copper novel. I never would have guessed how the story revealed itself in the end.  DCI, Helen Taylor, has to figure out why there are a sudden rash of fires in their little town of Warren. She has to work

Book Review: Shut Up And Kiss me by Julie Cannon

A hot and cold romance that left me wanting more.  Lowe is the daughter of wealthy parents. She has ventured away from that lifestyle by moving to Phoenix and opening her own business. Once a year she visits her parents and sister on the Escape.

Book Review: Listen by Kris Bryant

‘Listen’ is a gratifying romance that hits the right notes.  Lily is a former child prodigy that has lived a life of anonymity since a breakdown ended her music career. She is working in finance and risk management. Only she didn’t forecast the critical impact

Book Review: Major Surgery by Lola Keeley

This is a light, medical themed, enemies to lovers story.  Veronica is a general surgeon at St. Sophia hospital. She shares a son with her ex wife. Cassie, an army medic, rides a gurney into the hospital, disrupting Veronica’s life.